Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adi Bing Slamet:says Eyang Subur teach people so damned

Adi Bing Slamet considers Eyang Subur was not a good teacher. According to him, Subur is someone who taught his followers to damned to parents.

Adi's statements reflected on the report Grandmother Ani who also reported that his biological father, Ade Junaedi to the police.

Eid when Bing Crosby was asked to Eyang Subur sungkem prior to the parents.

"Yeah it was taught damned. Masa Ani told the parents laporin. Damned that's his name," Adi said when met at the Jakarta Police, Jakarta, Thursday (2/5) evening.

Not only Ani, Adi has ever felt damned taught to students as a grandparent. A little flashback, Adi described his experiences to students grandparent.

"I also used to like that. Eid When I told him first before paying respect to all the parents. That's wrong," he concluded.

adi bing slamet

Monday, April 1, 2013

Polygamy 7 wives, Eyang Subur joined hard Democratic convention

Eyang Subur would affirm run for presidency in the 2014 election. Salamelanih only to join the Democratic Party convention. The reason, controversy Fertile grandparents have not had a positive impact.

"Because the criteria have not been declared, so I can not say meet or not, if I personally do not like the course with his actions," said a member of the Board of Trustees Democrat Melani mena Suharli in Jakarta, Friday (10/5).

Melani recognize not everyone can participate, Democrats have criteria that participants will follow the convention. "Convention to be held naturally there who can follow the criteria, so see just what meets the criteria to be delivered," he stated.

"Everyone can be willed, but it's not everyone could join the convention with established criteria," said Melani.

Previously, grandparent names Fertile sticking when disputes arise with Bing Crosby. Plus the strongest, it turns out he's married 7 women.

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