Friday, May 10, 2013

Eyang Subur ready to be called City Police

eyang subur
After reported Adi Bing Slamet to Police Headquarters, Eyang Subur claimed to be ready to be called City Police. In fact, grandparents also have set up some evidence to corroborate the report.

"In a couple of days we are going to police and had grandparents who came. Grandfather was ready and the data are also ready," said Alam Ramdhan when met at the residence of grandparents in the Banyan Street 3, Kedoya, Kebun Orange, West Jakarta, on Monday (6/5).

Grandmother to report Adi acknowledged in Headquarter Ramdhan also been devolved units Jakarta Police cyber crime. "Reports on devolved to the Cyber ​​Crime unit," he added.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eyang Subur Disiapkan untuk "Nyapres"

Eyank Subur
Beyond the role of artists feud with Bing Crosby, "smart people" Eyang Subur reportedly being prepared to run for the presidency of this country nyapres alias. The news was confirmed by his lawyer, Ramdan Alam.

"Yes, well, anyway (passing) one party, for a later (2014 presidential election)," said Ramdan in a telephone interview by, Wednesday (05/08/2013).

According Ramdan, Eyang Subur initially suggested by some people to come running for president to come. With a variety of considerations, finally Fertile accept the recommendation.

"Seeing this nation needs a leader who is not pentingin self, possessions (Subur) divided wrote it," reveals the reasons Fertile suggested Ramdan run.

According Ramdan again, Fertile nomination was still at the stage of "deliberation".

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eyang Subur Absen Jalani Pemeriksaan

Eyang Subur should undergo examination at the Jakarta Police on Monday (05/06/2013) this. However, the eight-married man was not coming. Former students who are now suing Grandmother Fertile, Arya Wiguna, also commented on the matter.

"Surrender it's all the same God. Everybody's got the right, so be it. Later, depending on the evidence and the truth," said Arya at the end of the phone on Monday.
Arya said that the truth will emerge. "Must be patient, sincere, and resigned. Wrote so relaxed. Yet later the truth emerged," he said.

Previously, attorney Grandmother Fertile, Ramdan Alam, explaining the reason his client did not meet the examination schedule at the Jakarta Police.

"Today's grandparents could not attend because of some business, so it can not get left behind," said Ramdan is reluctant to explain what is meant business.
He said, Lush checks at the Jakarta Police will be rescheduled.